what is sezzle pay?

Sezzle est une solution de paiement qui vous permet d'acheter maintenant et de payer plus tard grâce à un échéancier de versements simples et sans intérêts.

Description of Sezzle

This program provides advanced payment services that allow consumers to pay for their purchases in four interest-free installments within six weeks. Given the lag in intergenerational credit card adoption, Sezzle offers future consumers (in the U.S. and Canada) the ability to pay responsibly over time. Merchant partners benefit from higher conversion rates and higher average order value, resulting in significant net new revenue.

About Sezzle 

Sezzle is a fast-growing financial technology company on a mission to empower the next generation financially. Sezzle’s payment platform increases the purchasing power of millions of active consumers by offering interest-free payment plans at online and select retailers. When consumers apply, they are approved immediately and their credit scores are not impacted unless they choose a credit-enhancing feature called Sezzle Up.


This increased consumer buying power results in higher sales and larger shopping carts for the more than 44,000 active merchants that offer Sezzle.