Tomato flu

Tomato flu

A disease dubbed “tomato flu” or “tomato fever” has been reported in Kerala, a region in southern India, since May 6, 2022, according to India Today. Monkeypox is resurging in children, mostly under the age of 5, and the phenomenon is alarming.

What is tomato flu?

Tomato flu is an unexplainable viral sickness spreading withinside the Kerala state. The call tomato flu comes from the primary symptom of this sickness, the tomato-formed blisters on numerous frame parts. The blisters begin as purple-colored small blisters, and once they expand resemble tomatoes formed, consequently called tomato fever or tomato flu. The inflamed kids additionally have pores and skin inflammation and extreme dehydration issues.

What are the signs of tomato flu?

The sickness, due to a virus, is especially characterized by rashes on the feet, arms, and mouth of affected kids. These zits can take the shape of round, purple blisters, therefore the call “tomato flu”, which may be followed by painful itching.

But different signs have additionally been identified, inclusive of the truth that the legs and arms alternate color. Experts additionally cited fatigue, fever, belly cramps, sneezing, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, cough, runny nose, and joint and muscle pain.

Is there a therapy for tomato flu?

Regarding the tomato flu”there’s no particular remedy to deal with it” explains Dr. Aruna to the Indian Express. He provides that the sickness is probable very contagious: “If a person is inflamed with this flu, they need to be saved in isolation due to the fact it is able to unfold fast from man or woman to man or woman.”

For the care of the sick, Dr. Subhasj Chandra explains to India Today: “Patients who develop ‘tomato fever’ need to drink lots of fluids and relaxation in bed, as is recommended for different viral fevers, to hold the frame hydrated and well-rested.” He additionally specifies that”It’s likely now no longer a deadly sickness, however, it is likely very contagious”. Furthermore, Veena George, Minister of Health of Kerala, says in an announcement that “The threat of this sickness is low, however, it is able to reason meningitis in uncommon instances. Therefore, in case you be aware any signs, you need to see a doctor.”


Tomato flu, a shape of monkeypox, or hand-foot-mouth syndrome?

Tomato flu became detected while medical doctors feared adolescence instances of monkeypox, because of the similarities between the 2 illnesses. However, virologist Jacob John, who practices at the Christian Medical College of Vellore in India, interviewed through the BBC, believes that it can sincerely be a version of the virus chargeable for the foot-hand-mouth syndrome.

When to look for healthcare professionals?

Tomato flu is a self-curable sickness. Immediately seek advice from a healthcare company in case you be aware of any above symptoms and symptoms and signs in your baby. If you think getting an infection, isolate your baby from different own circles of relatives and individuals and communicate with your doctor.

Tomato flu is a rapidly-spreading infectious sickness however isn’t always a deadly and life-threatening condition. The right preventive measures and symptomatic remedies are beneficial. Some of the signs require instantaneous attention, inclusive of extreme diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration, as they have got unfavorable results for your baby’s frame. So don’t panic in case your baby encounters this infectious sickness and cope with it cautiously.

Treatment of tomato fever

Tomato flu is a self-prescribing infectious sickness because the symptoms and symptoms signs solve after some days. It is an unprecedented sickness and has current emergence, so no sickness-particular medicines are available. The medical doctors offer symptomatic care in keeping with the baby’s needs. The medical doctors prescribe antipyretic and pain-relievers to subside signs.

The Kerala authorities commenced many projects to deal with the kids in any respect Anganwadi and clinical centers.