4 cups of tea per week can prevent cognitive decline

4 cups of tea per week can prevent cognitive decline

A current take a look with the aid of using researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) located that everyday tea drinkers have higher-prepared mind areas related to wholesome cognitive features as compared to non-tea drinkers.

This takes a look gives the primary proof of the tremendous contribution of tea intake to mind shape and indicates that everyday tea intake has a defensive impact on age-associated mind decline.

The studies became achieved with collaborators from the University of Essex and the University of Cambridge. The effects have been posted withinside the medical magazine Aging.

Tea: mind areas higher related to every other

Previous research had already proven that consuming tea became useful to human fitness and its tremendous consequences covered enhancing mood, stopping cardiovascular disease, and halving the threat of cognitive decline withinside the elderly.

For this new take a look at exploring in greater element the direct impact of tea on mind networks, the studies group recruited 36 adults elderly 60 and over and amassed statistics on their fitness, lifestyle, and well-being. – to be psychological. Elderly individuals additionally needed to go through neuropsychological exams and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Take a look at what became achieved from 2015 to 2018.


After studying individuals’ cognitive overall performance and imagery effects, the studies group located that individuals who fed on inexperienced tea, oolong tea, or black tea at the least 4 instances per week for approximately 25 years had greater effectively interconnected mind areas.

Neural connections: like a street map

The effects of the take a look may be understood with an easy picture. Take the instance of street traffic: think about mind areas as destinations, whilst connections among mind areas are roads.

When a street device is higher prepared, the motion of automobiles and passengers is greater green and makes use of fewer resources. Likewise, whilst the connections among mind areas are greater structured, statistics processing may be carried out greater effectively.

In preceding research, tea drinkers had been proven to have higher cognitive features as compared to non-tea drinkers. The modern findings concerning the mind community do not directly corroborate in advance findings with the aid of using displaying that the tremendous consequences of everyday tea intake are: a bring about advanced mind agency as a result of the prevention of disruption of interregional connections.

Cognitive overall performance, and reminiscence, the greater connection, the higher

Since cognitive overall performance and mind agency are in detail linked, in addition, studies are wanted to higher apprehend how capabilities along with reminiscence emerge from mind circuits, in addition to viable interventions to higher hold cognition all through the aging process. . Professor Feng and his group intend to have a look at the consequences of tea in addition to the bioactive compounds located in tea on cognitive decline.